The La Vela Church is on a mission to bring the word of Jesus Christ to all members of the community. Reduced to just a few sentences, the essence of the creed of the church of Christ, is impossible to explain. It is impossible because every single line of scripture is for us inextricably part of what we believe in and support. We can begin by speaking about the Book of God, the Holy Bible. Since my husband’s company insurance does not have a dental plan, we needed to find affordable brooklyn small business insurance for our family.

The whole Bible is inspired by God. Every single word in the Bible is the result of the inspiration of God.   The men who wrote it, working without any knowledge as to the writing of this wonderful Book, were led unknowingly by God. Their teachings are what God wanted to leave us to lead us to salvation. Salvation is the fruit of grace. La Vela believes that whatever we do, we can never merit salvation that the Lord has given us.

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Jesus died on the cross to give us salvation, as long as we accept it and we put our faith in him. This faith must express itself through love. Faith, therefore, led to act with the forces provided by love, is the only thing that has real value according to the Bible. To understand the importance of what has been said , it is useful to put this truth in opposition to the Catholic tradition, which over the centuries and still today, has promised salvation in exchange of works, such as the crossing of what is called the Holy Door, or as in the past, through the payment of sums of money.

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La Vela seeks to change this current point of view of the people. La Vela wants the people to know that, no matter who you are or who you might not be, you are accepted at the Church. Jesus taught us to give of ourselves and help those in need. This is the fundamental truth that our Church is built on.

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